Data Science + AI, Wearables + Virtual Health

We have partnered with UHG R&D to use health care data, emerging technologies and actuarial science to rapidly develop smarter care-delivery models.

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Precision Cancer Treatments

By collecting and combining data in new ways, we can give providers better tools to determine the exact course of treatment for a patient based on their personal factors.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Acute Care

Using new medical devices and data science, we aim to better understand and predict dysglycemia events for critical care patients.

Fitbit-Driven Assessment of Depression

Patients with some chronic health conditions have a higher risk of depression, which is difficult to detect and accurately diagnose. Using Fitbit monitoring information, we hope to develop a better screening tool for depression.

Preoperative Risk-Assessment Program

The decision to perform a surgery is based on point-in-time information that is collected during a visit and reported by the patient. By asking surgical candidates to wear digital biometric sensors during the weeks leading up to surgery, we can better understand the patient’s preparedness and ability to recover from the surgery.