My Hat goes of to all of you healthcare workers who are caring for these sick patients on a daily basis, & all of the emotional & long exhausting days spent to take time away from You’s with your own family members to take care of others in the ways that yous do. I’m sure ICU is a very sressful, tough & challenging Departmental to work in, let alone during a crisis Pandemic as such that is taking so many lives! I am a nurse myself working with a few covid patients, here & there but couldn’t Imagine what yous are all going through day & night. It is quite exhausting & That’s just an ugly feeling of not knowing, but the possibilities are there daily. Glad to see really Great people as you all are, jumping in there every single day, & giving it your all to care for these really sick patients!!!! Working those long stressful hours, lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition, & Iack of spending time with your own family to all what you do!! Not to mention lack of taking proper care of yourself working longer than normal of the already long shifts you already worked. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do, it takes a special kind of person to do what you do!!! YousRock!!! You are really Strong, dedicated, loving, caring, & nurturing type individuals who goes above and beyond to do what you do and you do it so well!! I know it’s not only physically but mentally challenging and it can wear you down quickly at times, but you keep fight it every single day and make the BEST of it… with all that you have!! I want to let you all know you do not go unrecognized by me… I appreciate each and every one of you dearly!! May God Bless all of you and keep not only you, but all of your families safe and healthy out there!! Keep doing what you do and we will Conquer this Battle Soon!!! Love you all!!! You are Truly Amazing!!! 💯😍🤩🥰🙏🤗
Take Care and God Bless you all!!