THANK YOU TO ***ALL*** OF YOU working the frontlines *and* behind the frontlines for the amazing, blessed hard work you do offering utmost care, comfort and kindness around the clock as well as continuing all the dogged work it takes to make such care possible — you are all doing so much against the tides of this pandemic and against the many unfortunate tides sweeping in behind it! Thank you!!! You are amazing angels, all of you, and so many of us are behind you in gratitude and support, [and wear masks (and follow all the CDC guidelines) ].

Thank you, we love you and are GRATEFUL and APPRECIATE your help, the incredible sacrifices you’re making and your selflessness!! I want you all to remember to take care of YOURSELVES during this time (and always), too! You more than deserve all the hot baths, cups of cocoa and puppy/kitten kisses in the world❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you!!