As a community, we could not say thank you enough. Obviously we should be saying it in practicing social distancing and wearing masks, but it seems humanity is struggling with that right now. Regardless, please know, that there are many of us out here who understand and appreciate the magnitude of what you are doing. We see your tired faces at a gas pump, in wrinkled scrubs and blank stares. We see you taking a much needed short walk around the neighborhood, perhaps walking your ever patient dog, who has missed you so much since you have had to work so many extended hours. We see you at the grocery store, maybe with a carton of milk or eggs, again, exhausted and defeated looking. But please also know that we see you as our hero’s, as the very fabric holding what small chance we have of getting through this as a society together. You have chosen a career that is founded in selflessness and it is being tested right now. To hold the hand of someone as they pass on because their family could not be there to do so is an act of kindness and compassion. It is not just a job and we SEE you. You are our mothers, fathers, our sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts grandmothers and grandfathers, our children and your sacrifices mean something. They mean everything. As hard as this moment is, it, as all things in life, is temporary. Yes, we are on the brink, as a community and as a civilization, but we are also resilient, and you exemplify the core of human decency. This too shall pass. Maybe not anytime soon, but it will pass and your actions and compassion now will not be forgotten. Thank you, and hold that hope like a lantern as you navigate this dark time, for we see you, and are guided by your light.