First, I want to begin by thanking you for all that you do to save lives and for putting yourself at risk for our sakes. I know it hasn’t been easy seeing that you are doing as much as possible and that there are still people out there that think all of this is a lie. However, I want you to stay positive and stay strong, we believe in you and we know that you work hard. I hope that in the future we can all reflect back on what has happened during this pandemic and fix everything that is broken, from the healthcare system, to politics, to education/awareness and that we come out better and united. When the whole world stopped, you kept running, you were the one fighting for all us, and for that there is no way to repay you! However, I think the best way to show our gratitude is by following guidelines and putting our part in preventing spread of another virus like COVID-19. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and continue to stay safe and healthy during the upcoming months. I know it was hard to stay away from your loved ones, but it had to be done to keep them safe, and I’m sure they understand and in the future the time will come when you can make up for lost time with them. Our loved ones are the reason why we keep fighting and moving forward, so I advise that if you ever feel alone, lost or exhausted, that you ponder upon the ones you love and why you do what you do and keep moving forward, our loved ones are the ones that we will return to at the end of the day, so keep fighting so that at the end of the road you can come home to them.

Best wishes!