I recently lost a family member to Covid and even though he was not a part of the UCHealth organization, there were still healthcare workers surrounding him 24/7. The nurse I spoke with, who graciously sat with me and held my hand, was nothing short of extraordinary. She left when I wanted to be alone with him, provided information that I never knew (how he passed, how he wasn't in pain, etc) and as we walked the final steps to the hospital doors, she hugged me. We don't realize, as civilians, what these people do for our loved ones. We will never grasp their reality until we live it ourselves. To every single nurse, CNA, doctor, surgeon, what ever vital role you play, you are super heros in the flesh. You are what keeps this world going. Your compassion, empathy, understanding, smiles in the hardest of times, make such a huge difference. Don't forget your humanity and to take care of yourself as well…and just know you are loved, appreciated, and so very close to my heart.