To all my healthcare workers out there grinding every day…
I want to take this moment to say I got mad respect for yall.
I'm sure anyone who enters the field of healthcare assumes they will have to make certain sacrifices in order to excel in their profession.
I'm sure most who have a passion to serve those in need somehow understand the duty to commitment it takes in pursuing higher education and maintaining continued professional development.
I have a feeling yall understand that there will be sad days and lonely nights, working 24hr shifts for days on end…
But I would make the assumption that hardly any of yall anticipated the amount of personal sacrifice and dedication it would take to combat a once in a century pandemic.
I want to use this time to acknowledge your above and beyond efforts.
Thanks to yall we are finally seeing a flattening of the curve.
For every sad story we see on the news I would venture to say there are 5x more stories that never get told that speak to resilience and humanity.
There has been loss in this pandemic but you all have helped to ensure that Coloradans' fights with dignity and grace.
Its easy for me to sit back here on my computer and jot down some notes of inspiration but I hope that this bit of encouragement receives you well and that you can feel my genuine intent.