I just wanted to say thank you and even though I dont know you, I am proud of you. These are some stressful times, yet you still focus on your commitment, your passion and continue to help vulnerable and ill people. You will forever have my support and I will continue fighting for the things you deserve because you put your own lives on the back burner to help people. It is the ultimate sacrifice, and you deserve to be commended, respected, and afforded the very best that life has to offer. Even though it's hard right now, please keep your eyes on the prize. Someday this will be over and we wont have to worry about this illness. You are contributing something great every day, saving lives and helping people make it through this illness still intact. You will not be forgotten and your fellow Americans will fight for you to be taken care of. So thank you, our country doesn’t deserve people like you but I'm glad we have you nonetheless. Take care and stay safe, this person is praying for you. <3