While I, and my family, have been blessed not to have Covid-19 personally, we have been cared for by many medical professionals during this time.

I have received physical therapy and other care from great doctors and nurses and my husband also received great care in a time of need and great pain. I think of you and front line workers all putting yourselves out there every time you go to work , to help others. Thank you! With the recent surge it must be mentally and physically exhausting (and prior to now as well). I hope there is hope on the horizon soon and I thank you and your families that support you for all you have done and will do! I am grateful there are people in the world willing to do what you do. I am grateful for your dedication, kindness, and service! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for living what life is really all about – loving and caring for each other and for the reminder of what humanity is all about! We pray for you and your families as well as those who are sick. Thank you!