I put my almost 91-year old mother on UCHealth vaccine list and was so happy when we received notice of an appointment. I booked her for Sunday (not knowing it was trial run at Coors Field).  We got a later start than I would like because she isn't very mobile and she wasn't ready when I arrived to get her from her Senior Living apartment. But we left Littleton and GPS said we'd be at Coors field at 11;40 for an 11:50 appointment.

I tell the lovely woman waiting that we got lost and are late and burst into sobbing tears!    This amazing person said “it’s ok, breathe, we’ll get her in”.   She gets her vaccine within 2 minutes.  I sobbed for about 15 minutes.  All that pent up anxiety and 10 months of trying to keep my mom safe and 10 months of her being isolated in her 650 foot apartment.  I haven’t cried like that since I don’t know when.  the people at the vaccination center were SO KIND! I was an absolute mess after being so late and so worried I would miss my appointment. They had already worked a 4 hour shift and still they were helpful and kind and it actually made me cry harder. THANK YOU HEROES at the Clinic. You turned my day and my Mom's day from a stressful mess to something we could laugh about. I am so thankful for everyone who was there on Sunday.