To whom this may concern,

Wow. You guys are really the best people in the world right now. I would like to start by saying thank you to all the essential workers who are putting themselves at risk so we can have access to medical care, food, transportation, and other vital services. Thank you to all those working in the medical field right now. Thank you to the doctors having to make unspeakable decisions under extreme pressure. May we have the support system to help you after this worldwide tragedy.

Thank you to those continuously putting themselves at risk to save lives. And thank you to those who have lost their lives to save others. I want to recognize the pharmacists who are making sure people get their life saving medicine. Thank you to the first responders on the front, and only line. Thank you for helping the victims of COVID-19, helping to maintain order in our communities, and stopping situations that would allow the virus to keep spreading. You help shield our immune system from invisible predators and save lives by doing so, you shine above any celebrity or athlete.

We are doing everything we can by self-isolating, staying home, and social distancing to help you go home safe to your families after your long and exhausting days. We hope that the progress we have made so far as a society really works out in the end for you guys, you deserve a long break after this. At 8 pm every night for the past few weeks, we have opened our doors and recognized you guys through howling and sirens because we cannot thank you enough.
I’m so grateful to be a future healthcare professional because I want to follow in the best and most courageous peoples’ footsteps, which are your own. I wish the best to you and your families, we will get through this because of YOU. Thank you, for everything.