This past year with having two nurses in the family who work in hospitals, one in Maryland
and the other in Virginia. I wanted to say THANK YOU to not only to each of them but the
entire front lines of medical professionals, who have been non-stop this past year across
America, the states, cities, and small-town communities who are forever grateful for your efforts.

I dedicate this poem I've written to each of you, for your dedication and you're endless
efforts in fighting this pandemic.

Be well, and God bless each of you.

' American Prayer"

God, I know life will get better.

I have faith in the future; to fuel my day.

To do better, be better.

I will never lose the light; that you shine on me.

I will stay true to my faith and build on my beliefs.

I know I can count on you for strength; in my time of need.

I will give my best for tomorrow and the days that succeed.

I will become a lifter of spirit to those in need.

Where I go from here; is where I believe.

Watch me grow and begin again.


Written by: Dennis Julian Golas 2020