I’m truly sorry for those who are not taking this seriously. I know how scary this is from my perspective but that doesn't even come close to a comparison of how scary this must be for you medical professionals! You are truly selfless as human beings because you sacrifice your own personal safety and dedicate so much of your precious time just to help people you most likely don’t even really know. After watching, seeing and hearing about all of the medical workers that are working around the clock and sacrificing time with their own families and especially the ones that have lost their lives due to COVID has certainly changed my entire perspective about the medical field. I appreciate everyone who is trying to combat this pandemic and especially those on the front lines like the doctors and nurses and ALL of the medical professionals down to the Hospital maintenance and janitorial workers. Everyone of you are risking your own safety and well being for complete strangers. Please don’t give up on us, we need you now more than ever! You have all of my respect and gratitude! Words can’t express how much you are appreciated and needed in this world. Bravo to you all!!!