COVID and Hospital Staff

No matter what your stance on COVID and Masks let me tell you what brought me to tears. I was transferred to Memorial Central for a procedure. I had to come back to WP because they didn’t have a room for me.

I never once saw anyone rest. I never once saw some chat with other nurses, or staff for fun. Everyone was being called to do multiple items at the same time.

My GI nurse was being reassigned to the COVID ward as soon as I left. I hear nurses being told schedule changed again and those who were not suppose to work night shift now have to find a sitter because more hours are being added to their schedule. One medical staff had worked in 5 different departments in one day.

They are exhausted. They aren’t eating, they aren’t drinking, I doubt they are using the restroom like they should. They have no energy to be kind and nice, yet they try.

I cried and cried for them. So think what you will about COVID and masks. The true tragedy I feel is happening at the hospitals and their staff. Love on them, take care of them, be patient with them and by God don’t yell at them, blame them or try to argue with them about policies, masks and COVID. They have no way of doing self care right now and their tanks are empty!!!!

I saw first hand. I’m so moved by their sacrifice and love towards their patients.