Dear Essential Worker,

I’m sure you would’ve never expected a day like this to come, and so soon. It’s something we were never prepared for, and are navigating for the first time. You are exploring unknown territory, navigating precarious conditions, and creating history. Please recognize these amazing and life-changing mesures you are going through to keep individuals healthy. It isn’t going unnoticed. It’s nothing to shrug off, as your job as an essential worker is not just that, you are recognized in the title of a hero in our eyes. What you are doing is truly incredible, you are a hero. You are a hero to myself, and to us all during this time. For that reason, I wanted to show my gratitude in this message. I’m Ava, an eighteen year old from Littleton, and your actions make me feel safe. Your actions are giving me hope for my immediate family, community, and future. Your hard work and diligence make me less worried about my elderly neighbors, grandparents, and older mentors. I feel that your actions are going to give myself and everyone a better, safer, future. Thank you isn’t enough to show my appreciation and admiration for the daily risks, decision making, and energy you are pouring into. I recognize the stress of working without all the proper equipment and safety supplies, yet you persevere and put yourself available to help. Trying to manage all the tasks that once were just your job, sounds daunting, yet you are succeeding! I hope you are able to relax your body and mind when you get home from the long shifts which I would imagine feel like an eternity. These times may wear you out and overwhelm you, so I hope you are able to find peace and take care of yourself; recognizing you are a hero. These selfless actions and courage are vital to success. I admire and applaud you. What you are doing everyday is praised. Your skills are essential and a blessing, as they are what everyone is leaning on. We are putting our hope into you, one who may have never expected to face such mountains of challenges. Yet know, you are carrying our society, you are carrying our futures, and you are saving lives. I appreciate you tremendously more than words can say, and hope you stay healthy, safe, and well in all aspects of being. I applaud you and want to say you can do it, we can beat this virus.