I grew up watching House and medicine was always so glamorous. As I've seen friends become doctors, I've come to learn that it's kind of just another job. Sometimes you don't want to go in. Sometimes you pulled a long shift the day (or 18 hours) before and you didn't fully recover. But you still do it.

Hopefully these notes help. I don't know you and I'm seeing pictures only of a couple of you while I write this. But hopefully this message gets to you: your days are harder than most people's. Your shifts are longer and you have more to recover from. There's no director that yells, "Cut!" and you can go back to craft services and your trailer. I'm sending you my hope that you have friends and family and support to help you persist and endure, as well as my hope that your facilities are keeping you safe.

I also hope that if you like pancakes, you have a direct line to pancakes.