Going through chemo and radiation at UCHealth, Colorado Springs Central. The doctors, nurses and all other support staff, infusion nurses, and radiation therapists have been working under severe duress. Guess what, not one frown, nothing but caring professionalism. These are the true rock stars manning the front lines, juggling schedules for their patients, trying their best to make us feel at ease and help cure us to the very best of their ability. Don’t get me wrong. I love all nurses and CNA’s. They are truly the front lines of our health care system which is the best in the world no matter what.Ladies and Gentlemen, keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Pray to God for strength and perseverance. Together you will come through this even stronger and better than ever, if that’s even possible.
I love you all as do many other people.
Remember this,
If God brought you to it God will bring you through it.
See you tomorrow.