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Watch The Fan Fit/Misfit Roommates at the Pepsi Center

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Getting Fan Fit takes passion and dedication. Just like your favorite Avalanche, Nuggets and Mammoth athletes, you need to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. It’s about being on top of your fan game, all season long.

You're fan fit if you:

  • Cheer, jump and high-five non-stop all game long.
  • Can find your way around Pepsi Center blindfolded.
  • Watch your team on every device you own—simultaneously.

If you're not there yet, then this is the season.

We’ll help you. A UCHealth Fan Fit pop up event is coming to your area soon to give you a game-time experience. Check out your team for event details and to test your Fan Fitness.

Believe in your Fan Fitness.

I live for my team. My heart bleeds their team colors, my lungs breathe their mile-high air, my eyes see their banners hanging from the rafters of Pepsi Center. When they win, I celebrate. When they lose, I weep. And when they look to the stands for inspiration, it’s my foam finger they see. I am Fan Fit.

Are you fit to be a fan?

    Find the next Fan Fit pop up event near you.

    Fan Fit exercises for between games.

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