Provider Insider

Transformation Updates

February 2021 | Issue No. 9

We would like to introduce to you Managers of Practice Engagement and Transformation Christy Howell and Katie Woodward, who have many combined years of experience assisting groups in quality and process improvement, patient-centered medical home support and value-based care. As you embark on the inaugural year of the Single Scorecard, they will continue to support your teams in activities aimed at earning shared savings and providing the best care for your patients.


Single Scorecard

C3 created a single scorecard to synthesize information across payers and programs, and allow for the universal tracking and reporting of performance at the TIN level. The scorecard officially launched in January 2021, and provider participation is the key to earning the maximum potential shared savings next year. The keys to success for all of these agreements is appropriate coding practices, improvement in quality scores, care gap closure and total cost of care reduction. We will help you identify initiatives and workflow processes to achieve these goals.


Education Series

The first videos in our education series have been published and are available for viewing. As approved by the clinical committee, viewing of these videos will count toward single scorecard goals and may also count toward CME credits for interested providers. After watching each video, please complete the corresponding survey to receive single scorecard credit. To access these videos, please use the links below:


*Viewing of these videos is your key to success on the new Single Scorecard. While not required, watching “Appropriate Documentation of Patient Complexity” and “Value-based Primary Care” will yield your practice more shared savings from the “Commitment” portion of the scorecard.