Provider Insider

Letter from the President

Winter 2020 | Issue No. 8

Dear Colleagues,


As we look toward a new year, I wanted to reach out to all of our valued Coordinated Care providers and partners to discuss our shared goals of improving patient outcomes and reducing total cost of care.


I understand our success in each value-based contract is dependent on the active participation of practicing physicians. Those of you who are at the exam table see firsthand where improvements can occur. While we can each make small changes individually, your active participation and willingness to share ideas are critical if we are to bring permanent, systemic change to the health care system.


Our governance structure calls for a Board of Directors with board-appointed committees, and we are committed to using this framework to ensure the physician voice is both heard and acted upon; however, a structure is only as good as those participating in it. I urge those physicians with excellent ideas and a desire for broad improvements to join in leading our organization.


We currently have openings on the clinical committee and finance and contracting committee:


  • Clinical committee:

The clinical committee’s primary responsibility is to review and recommend clinical programs that deliver on the quadruple aim. The committee works to improve the coordination and integration of clinical care across provider groups, promoting high-quality, cost-effective and value-added services. The clinical committee works closely with the finance and contracting committee to ensure payer agreements and provider incentives align and support the care model.


  • Finance and contracting committee:

The finance and contracting committee’s primary responsibilities are to review and recommend for Board approval managed care contracts with payers, and to develop a performance payment model that aligns participant incentives in a way that creates value for participating providers and achieves quadruple aim goals. The committee also reviews and recommends the annual financial plan for Board approval. This committee works closely with the clinical committee to ensure payer contracts, incentives and operations support the care model.


If you would like to know more, please contact either Dr. Austin Bailey or Paul Staley. They would be happy to discuss the specifics of committee responsibility and answer your questions.


Thank you for your ongoing participation in our network.




Michael A. Cancro

President, Coordinated Care