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Fall 2019 | Issue No. 7

Introducing Anthem Cooperative Care.


Coordinated Care is excited to offer a new payer agreement with Anthem Cooperative Care. This agreement strives to achieve reductions in cost of care, improvement in quality and high patient satisfaction. The opt-in forms to participate will describe in detail the financial terms as well as the requirements of the contract.




Effective January 1, 2020, Anthem’s commercial value-based program called Enhanced Personal Health Care (EPHC) will be replaced with a new program called Cooperative Care. The agreement focuses on the same tenets of EPHC with further requirements in the area of capabilities. For example, Anthem wants to ensure practices have long-term goals for EMR integration and online scheduling.


In this program, there is a care coordination fee to close gaps in care and a shared savings component when successful in reducing cost. In later years, participating providers may be asked to take some financial risk.


Anthem will be highlighting Cooperative Care providers to their employer groups through a variety of marketing campaigns and a hierarchy in their primary care selection tool, where your name will bubble to the top.


If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to outreach to Paul Staley.