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Summer 2019 | Issue No. 6

An update about what is happening within Coordinated Care:


• IT Update: Claims Data


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In late April, Coordinated Care sent a few team members to the National Association of ACOs’ (NAACOS) spring conference in Baltimore. Twice a year, NAACOS brings together more than 600 ACO clinical leaders and administrators to discuss strategies, case studies and lessons learned from leading ACOs nationwide. April’s conference covered topics such as:

  • Transitions of care programs
  • Telehealth
  • Post-acute care partnerships and strategies
  • New CMS/CMMI payment models (Primary Care First, Direct Contracting)
  • Regulatory updates
  • ACO compliance
  • ACO financial management

CMS Administrator Seema Verma also spoke at the event, hinting that new mandatory value-based models will be announced over the coming months. Administrator Verma also indicated CMS is reviewing old laws and regulation and evaluating how these hinder the shift to value-based care.


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IT Update: Claims Data


Effective April 2019, clinical data derived from paid claims from Anthem was integrated into CU Trust patients’ clinical records in Epic. Data being brought in includes encounters, diagnoses, procedures, and immunizations. Medication dispense data will be brought in starting in July 2019. CU Trust patients include UCHealth, CU Medicine, and University of Colorado employees and dependents.


Paid claims data provides information on care provided outside of UCHealth’s instance of Epic. This data includes any paid claim for an attributed patient regardless of their place of service.