Provider Insider

Network Development

Winter 2018 | Issue No. 4

Coordinated Care continues to mature in its developmental path, and has demonstrated success in its first two commercial ACO programs. But that hasn’t stopped our network engagement team from continuing to meet with practices and affiliated leadership teams on a regular basis.


“These meetings have helped identify care opportunities with the populations we manage,” said Paul Staley, director of network engagement. “As a result, we have been able to help practices incorporate processes to close care gaps and reduce avoidable ED visits.”


This work better positions the network to qualify for shared savings in its value-based contracts.


Current procedure relies on practices to work with their own panel of patients to close care gaps and reduce avoidable ED visits. Most practices have resources that help manage the provider’s panel with closing quality care gaps. And they have same-day appointments, extended hours or a provider on call to help direct their patients to the appropriate level of care to reduce avoidable ED visits.


For those that do not have those resources in place, the network engagement team can help by working collaboratively and creatively with practices to overcome those hurdles. Depending on the situation’s requirements, there could be an associated cost. But sharing resources among several practices can make it surprisingly affordable.


“We are very appreciative of all the efforts practices demonstrate to take care of the populations we serve,” Staley said. “Our team is always interested in improvement opportunities. If there are ways that the network engagement team can be of greater assistance, please bring your ideas to our regular meetings or contact us by email. We’re here to help.”


Please contact either [email protected] or [email protected] with questions, comments or suggestions. And keep up the great work.