Provider Insider

Quadruple Aim Progress Report

Fall 2018 | Issue No. 3

From the beginning, one of Coordinated Care’s key operating objectives has been to share performance reports with its members. The Network began development of a dashboard that would measure against broad Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in October 2016. And today, it publishes monthly quality performance reports that utilize a data aggregator to analyze performance by Network entity, region, value-based program and more. Each member partner has the ability, via Power BI, to view its performance against key quality metrics.


This progression, and the insights that can be gleaned from custom reporting, has allowed the Network to determine where opportunity resides, design transformation work plans to address those opportunities, and witness how interventions have impacted performance over time.


Delivering against KPIs.

Targeted outreach to patients has shown a steady increase in colorectal cancer screenings over the last eight months. And last year, Network partners agreed to dedicate resources to improve care for the diabetic population. As a result, nephropathy screenings and treatment continuously exceed target.


The following charts illustrate the Network’s performance over time:






But our journey to optimal quality performance is just that – a journey. It is not a project with a start date and an end date. Coordinated Care will continue to look to the future and strive for excellence.


Coming this fall.

Diabetes hemoglobin A1c has been revised to follow national quality standards and therefore allow the Network to compare its performance with that of its peers. The diabetes statin measure will reflect the percentage of diabetic patients age 40-75 who are on a statin medication and allow the Network’s clinical pharmacists to address opportunities for improvement.


This information, along with any additional dashboard insights or enhancements, will be delivered to providers with the regular cadence of data already reported.


The Population Health Services Organization remains committed to working with all member providers to accomplish the Network’s Quadruple Aim, and looks forward to celebrating future accomplishments and persevering through ongoing improvements.


Please contact Michelle McLeod, PHSO clinical transformation, with questions and comments at [email protected].