Provider Insider

Leadership Message

Fall 2018 | Issue No. 3

Coordinated Care members share a common belief that collaboration and innovation can enrich patient experience, improve health care outcomes, increase provider satisfaction and reduce the overall cost of care. To transform that belief into a reality, it takes time. Your time. And a collective, determined effort.


Please allow me to take this opportunity to say thank you. On behalf of the entire Population Health Services Organization, thanks to all of you for your engagement and hard work this year – your efforts have paid off and are yielding positive results across all of our value-based programs.


Some of our accomplishments worth noting: there are participating providers employing advanced scheduling methods, thereby ensuring access for their patients and thereby decreasing ED utilization. Practices reaching out to patients after every ED visit and hospitalization. Whiteboards and data walls keeping clinical teams focused on priority metrics. Across the state, everyone is trying something new, and our combined efforts are delivering improved quality scores and growing shared savings pools. It has been an amazing transformation.


But our work is just beginning. Our Network development team is learning from you. We also encourage you to learn from one another. Early next year, we will be hosting our second Coordinated Care Engagement Summit in metro Denver and highlighting some of the best practices from around the Network. We hope that you will join us. Get to know your colleagues and what each one is doing to improve care for our patients so we can continue to grow and thrive together.


Again, thanks to each and every one of you for making this Network a successful venture. We’re looking forward to another great year ahead.


Austin Bailey, MD
Population Health Services Organization
Medical Director, Coordinated Care