Provider Insider

Quadruple Aim progress report

Winter 2018 | Issue No. 2

KPI dashboard delivers valuable insight


One of the major accomplishments of the Clinical Committee and Clinical Transformation Workgroup has been coming together to align on key performance indicators (KPIs) for clinical quality. Last fall, we implemented the initial KPIs. Now, all Coordinated Care providers have access to the KPI dashboards so that we can track our progress. At the provider and department level, the dashboards are available through Epic, while organizational, regional, city/location and network level summaries are available via PowerBI for members of the Clinical Transformation Workgroup.


We are very excited for this cross collaboration to define metrics, and the learning that follows for how we can all improve together for the health of our patients. We’ll be adding additional KPIs in the future as determined by the Clinical Transformation Workgroup and the Clinical Committee.


As we progress with Coordinated Care, we are in the process of building a balanced scorecard, which will include cost and utilization, access, patient experience and pharmacy. As we add new data elements, we will be able to better monitor our progress toward achieving the Quadruple Aim.


Coordinated Care’s Clinical Committee is comprised of stakeholders and leaders from UCHealth, UCHealth Medical Group, Associates in Family Medicine, Family Medicine Center and CU Medicine.


This committee analyzes data and prioritizes key program development to lower total cost of care while improving health outcomes. We encourage each of our provider partners to reach out with questions, suggest new ideas and share best practices. By working together, we can achieve the Quadruple Aim more efficiently.


If you have any questions regarding KPIs, the dashboard or the Clinical Committee’s efforts, please call Austin Bailey, MD, at 720.848.9332 or send an email to [email protected].