Provider Insider

C3 Performance

September 2022 | Issue No. 15

In 2021, our network saw a distinct rise in ED utilization, up from pandemic lows in 2020. This was consistent with national trends, and expected as patients started coming back for care. We are encouraged, however, to see that this rising trend has leveled off in the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, in 2021, our network’s ED/1,000 rates trended the same or better than market rates for Anthem Commercial, Cigna Commercial and Anthem MA patients. While we still have work to do to be the best in every C3 contract, we are making great progress. Great work, teams!


In our 2021 commercial contracts, C3 earned shared savings in both Anthem Commercial and Cigna Commercial. These funds were distributed to network practices at the end of August in accordance with C3’s “single funds flow,” which considers member months, payer-reported risk scores and Single Scorecard performance.

Analysis of our performance revealed that in 2021, we kept our medical costs below target; we continued to invest in infrastructure to support our care teams; and we did well in quality. Additionally, we had a higher risk score than the market, reflecting patients with a higher disease burden and providing financial resources to care for these patients. All of these factors helped create the shared savings for our network practices.

Congratulations to everyone on achieving such great results in our commercial value-based programs in 2021—and thank you for your contributions to this success!