Provider Insider

Care Team Tips

June 2022 | Issue No. 14

The care team can help annual wellness visits go more smoothly in many ways: 

  • The front desk can check eligibility; communicate to the patient what they should bring to the visit; and help frame patient expectations, making sure the patient understands the purpose of the visit and what it does and does not include.
  • MAs can help with pre-visit planning, updating the chart and wrapping up the visit:
    • Prior to the visit, they can scrub the chart for missing immunizations, preventative screenings and pend orders for the provider.
    • During the visit, they can help patients complete the health risk assessment and update the chart, including any screenings completed outside the medical record.
    • After the visit, MAs can spend time with the patient reviewing the personalized plan.
  • Care management RNs can perform subsequent AWVs, under direct supervision of a provider. In addition to completing the AWV, they can also use the visit to help identify high-risk patients who might benefit from working with a care manager due to complex medical or social situations.

When the care team understands the important role they play and messaging to patients is consistent, AWVs go smoothly for the patient and provider alike. Please contact us if we can help!