Provider Insider

Care Management

Spring 2022 | Issue No. 13

Goal setting is a powerful way to help patients create lasting healthy behaviors, especially when they are living with diabetes. Patients are most successful managing their diabetes when they create and define the steps toward the lifestyle changes providers encourage. A care manager can help in this process.

We all know that exercise and diet are two areas that rely on patient behavior and can have a direct impact on diabetes control. While providers can encourage patients during office visits, care managers can follow up with patients after their visit to reinforce what they are being told. They can prompt patients to think about what they would like to do that can increase success. They can provide ongoing support as patients learn to think differently about meals. Care managers can also help patients identify small steps toward change, which can have a huge impact on outcomes.

RN care managers can also help connect patients to education programs, nutrition counseling and support groups, and make sure patients have the appropriate tools and knowledge needed to manage their diabetes. Community centers offer a variety of group classes and involving a spouse or friend in activities can be a good motivator. Cookbooks or nutrition blogs are good resources to find diabetic-friendly recipes. The American Diabetes Association has a library of patient-friendly information, including a podcast.  Lastly, there are free and low-cost mobile apps directed at education, nutrition and exercise.

Resource ideas for patients, regardless of which region they live in:

  • America Diabetes Association
  • YMCA
  • American Diabetes Association podcast “Ask the Experts: It’s personal”
    • Available on Spotify and iTunes
  • Mobile app examples:
    • Diabetes Type 2 by Nourishly (free app)
    • Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary (monthly fee)
    • Fooducate (monthly fee)
    • My Diabetes Diet & Meal Plan (monthly fee)

If you would like more information about how care managers can support patients with diabetes, please contact Jenn Countryman.