Provider Insider

Single scorecard and metrics

| Issue No. 12

Commitment: We continue to meet with our practices monthly, and are seeing great engagement with the teams on the ground. Additionally, 16 out of our 23 practices have already reached the 75% Educational Sessions goal!  We appreciate these efforts and hope you all find the learnings valuable.

Capabilities: Despite the offices being busier than ever as patients come back to see their doctor for acute and chronic issues, our practices continue to work on getting patients in for their annual visits.  We continue to encourage these visits as a way to address the preventative issues that sometimes get missed in the noise of more pressing care needs.

Cost: Finally, we continue to see the pandemic’s effects on our cost and utilization metrics, as patients avoided the ER during the height of the pandemic. We expect these numbers to bounce back (and our practices are telling us they are), and we continue to work hard with our care coordination teams to help patients make choices about where to go for care.  Our pharmacy teams are also working with the practices to help identify places where a switch to a generic medication might be appropriate.