Provider Insider

Education Series

| Issue No. 11

We have added two new videos to our education series. Watch these videos to hear directly from your colleagues on the topic of unnecessary ED utilization, and to take a deeper look at how the work you are doing impacts patients and your practice’s bottom line.

As approved by the clinical committee, viewing of these videos counts toward single scorecard goals. After watching each video, please complete the corresponding survey. Each survey requires providers to include their NPI to receive full single scorecard credit.

Also, we are excited to announce that providers may now receive CME credit in 0.25 increments for any of our education videos that are viewed after June 14, 2021. Credits are certified by the Colorado Medical Society and managed through a tool called eeds. Links and a tip sheet are included on our website.

Value-Based Primary Care* Survey CME Link
Value-Based Care Part II Survey
Coding Patient Complexity* Survey CME Link
Single Scorecard Survey CME Link
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits Survey CME Link
Optimizing Generic Dispensing Rate Survey CME Link
Practice Challenges: Tackling Unnecessary ED Utilization Survey CME Link

*Viewing of these videos is your key to success on the new single scorecard. Watching Value-Based Primary Care and Coding Patient Complexity is required for your practice to qualify for full shared savings for the “commitment” component of the scorecard.