Provider Insider

Single Scorecard and Metrics

| Issue No. 10

Commitment: As you can see, we are making slow but steady progress in our commitment measures. The majority of practices have had providers attend our monthly meetings, which has changed the conversations we are having around the metrics and the data. Also, many providers have started watching the educational videos and are providing great feedback. We are excited to see the success and engagement. Please keep up the great work!

Capabilities: We continue to focus our efforts on getting patients in to be seen for their annual visits, and we are seeing the numbers slowly rise. We know that by focusing on these sort of visits, and getting patients into our practices, we will improve all of our other quality measures. We continue to hone our analytics to be able to better support your practices in doing this work, and we are working to create a collection of tools that can be used at the practice level to improve.

Cost: We are doing well as a network with regard to our cost metrics. While we recognize that COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected ED utilization, we also know that many of our practices have been working hard on this metric. Efforts to increase the number of generic prescriptions have removed over $4 million in unnecessary costs in 2020 resulting in an increased opportunity to achieve shared savings for our network.