Provider Insider


| Issue No. 10

New Participating Provider Agreements (PPA) Required by July 1, 2021

Over the past year, C3 has seen changes to our name, participation requirements, single scorecard and single funds flow—to name just a few. These changes warrant your practice/organization signing a new participating provider agreement. As a reminder, these agreements formalize the relationship between C3 and you as a practice. It allows C3 to then negotiate payer arrangements that help provide revenue opportunities to your practice for value-based care. These agreements are signed at a tax ID level and not an individual provider level.

Your transformation coaches, Katie Woodward and Christy Howell, provided the appropriate contact names for your organization to Kelly Henry, Senior Director of Value-based Contracting. Kelly emailed those contacts last month to provide the new PPA and answer any questions. She will be outreaching again later this month if she has not received an executed copy, and you will also be asked about the status of these agreements in your May monthly meetings. If you have any questions regarding the agreement, please feel free to contact Kelly Henry directly.