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Spring 2021

Issue 9

In this new year, “new” is the operative word. Introducing our new name and medical director, new educational videos, new single scorecard and the new value-based contracts in our portfolio.

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Winter 2020

Issue 8

Despite the challenges COVID-19 presents, our work continues. In this issue we answer your frequently asked questions about attribution and discuss ideas for optimizing medication therapies.

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Fall 2019

Issue 7

Find information supporting many of our key endeavors for the year, chief among them our work to curb medical costs in three arenas: inpatient utilization, emergency department utilization and pharmacy.

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Summer 2019

Issue 6

With our focus on those cost drivers we can most readily influence, we offer Transitional Care FAQs and a Formulary Quick Reference Guide to help reduce pharmacy costs for patients and payers.

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