Provider Insider

March 2023

Issue 17

This first issue of the year is back to basics. Reminding us all of why we are working toward the new model of health care—aligning the goals of payers, clinicians, hospitals and patients alike. As we continue to offer patients more coordinated care, our extended team is here to help care for your patients by providing data to identify any gaps in care and offering tips to ensure you are able to offer quality care in the most cost effective manner possible.

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December 2022

Issue 16

Our work this year saved lives, but we’re not done yet. We have 10 contracts in place for 2023, which means more patients than ever before will be attributed to a value-based program. There’s no better time to lean in to value-based care.

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September 2022

Issue 15

Chronic illness, social determinants of health and myriad other factors drive thousands of patients to the emergency room every day. It’s costly—to patients, employers and the health care system. What role can our care teams play in helping patients avoid the ED unnecessarily?

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June 2022

Issue 14

Annual Wellness Visits, which focus on prevention and risk assessment, are widely misunderstood and often overlooked by providers and patients alike. But they are a critical first step to financial success in MSSP and our Medicare Advantage contracts.

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March 2022

Issue 13

Diabetes impacts patients of all social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. By putting diabetes care at the center of our scorecard, we believe we can improve a broad range of clinical outcomes and create savings in our value-based contracts.

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December 2021

Issue 12

It is increasingly evident that value-based payments help to create more sustainable primary care, which results in healthier patients. C3 practices accomplished much this year; celebrate our progress and get tips for continuing our great work.

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September 2021

Issue 11

We are growing! The network management team continues to develop new tips and tools to support the work-data integration between clinical and claims, offer more educational videos, and increase both pharmacy and care management support.

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May 2021

Issue 10

View first quarter data results for single scorecard metrics, find a link for our newest video on Coding Patient Complexity, and learn more about how you can improve quality and reduce cost.

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February 2021

Issue 9

In this new year, “new” is the operative word. Introducing our new name and medical director, new educational videos, new single scorecard and the new value-based contracts in our portfolio.

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January 2020

Issue 8

Despite the challenges COVID-19 presents, our work continues. In this issue we answer your frequently asked questions about attribution and discuss ideas for optimizing medication therapies.

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October 2019

Issue 7

Find information supporting many of our key endeavors for the year, chief among them our work to curb medical costs in three arenas: inpatient utilization, emergency department utilization and pharmacy.

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June 2019

Issue 6

With our focus on those cost drivers we can most readily influence, we offer Transitional Care FAQs and a Formulary Quick Reference Guide to help reduce pharmacy costs for patients and payers.

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March 2019

Issue 5

In this issue, we share pharmaceutical deprescribing guidance and workflows; care management standardized assessments; and a host of announcements regarding administrative staffing, network growth, IT updates and more.

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December 2018

Issue 4

Reflecting on a year of building our integrated network, contractual successes and changes for the coming year while continuing our work in statin therapy and care management for patients with diabetes.

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September 2018

Issue 3

We all share a common believe that collaboration and innovation can help us achieve the Quadruple Aim. To transform that belief into a reality, it takes time. Your time. And a collective, determined effort.

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March 2018

Issue 2

In our short existence, we have focused on creating a blueprint for success that benefits everyone, and we’re making tremendous progress. In this issue, learn more about the rapid growth and expansion we are undertaking.

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Fall 2017

Issue 1

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