Kyle Parker: From Trauma to Triumph—Epilepsy

At 25, Kyle Parker’s once-dormant seizures returned. Unable to drive, climb, hike or ski, he worried the adventurous lifestyle he led may be over. Now, instead of living in fear of what might happen next, he can’t wait to find out. Watch Kyle’s journey and subscribe to The Best of Us channel to see more […]

Picturing life after a limb restoration.

Delvin, a photographer, never pictured a life without climbing, hiking or being outdoors. A serious accident left him questioning his life because his leg was so injured, it might require amputation. With doctors who refused to quit, Delvin prevailed over infections and the injury and he found the drive to get back to his passions.

Jason Gallegos: Fighting battles with bravery—Acute Myeloid Leukemia

After returning from his third deployment to Iraq, Jason Gallegos was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. From the battlefield to a bone marrow transplant, Jason’s journey has shown his family—and the rest of us—what true courage looks like. Subscribe to The Best of Us YouTube Channel

Born at just 24 weeks: Finn’s fight to come home

For Michael and Theresa Joseph, learning they would be parents was a gift. Finding out they were having twin boys was even better. But after spending the next year in the NICU, they’d learn the best gifts of all are a brother’s love and their son’s will to fight. Watch the family’s journey and subscribe […]

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