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Wound Care

If you’re dealing with a chronic or slow-healing wound, you’ll find relief at University of Colorado Health. Our wound clinics in Fort Collins, metro Denver, and Colorado Springs have a consistently high rate of healing.

At UCHealth you benefit from a team of doctors from multiple specialties—including plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, podiatrists, and general practitioners—who combine their expertise to diagnose and treat chronic and complex wounds.

Wound healing at home

Our goal is to keep you in your home and avoid hospitalization.

After a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, we create a personal treatment plan for you, coordinate home health care and supply delivery, and help you get maximum insurance benefits for your treatment.

We work with you and your family to provide information about your condition (including diabetes and dialysis) and offer preventive care such as nutrition education. We also maintain communication with your doctor and any other caregivers to keep them apprised of your progress.


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