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Lung Transplant

UCHealth's lung transplant program began in 1991 under the direction of Frederick L. Grover, MD and Martin Zamora, MD. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of patients lead fuller lives through lung transplant surgery.

Why choose UCHealth for your lung transplant?

Our program is based at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) in metro Denver, which is ranked among the top research hospitals in the nation.

Our transplant patients have access to the latest scientific and technological advancements that lead to better outcomes.

It’s reassuring to know that:
  • Our one-year survival rate of 89 percent is above the national average.
  • Our program uses a multidisciplinary approach, which means you can see your team of experts in one visit at one location.
  • We’re continually conducting research to minimize rejection and make better use of donor lungs.
  • We devote an entire floor of the hospital to transplant patients.
  • The average hospital stay from date of transplant to discharge is 12 days.

About lung transplants

A lung transplant may be the only option for someone with lung disease who has not responded to conventional treatment and whose survival is predicted at less than two years.

Read story: UCH helps woman breathe easier with new set of lungs.

There are two types of lung transplants:
  • A single lung transplant replaces one diseased lung with a donor lung.
  • A bilateral lung transplant replaces both diseased lungs with two donor lungs. This transplant uses the lung(s) of a brain-dead person determined to be a good match for the transplant recipient.

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