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Kidney Transplant

At University of Colorado Health, we’ve helped thousands of patients start new, healthier lives through successful kidney transplant surgery.

Why choose UCHealth for your kidney transplant?

We do more transplants than any other program in the region, and our transplant volume is higher than national averages. Higher volume translates into more experience with transplant surgery and better outcomes for our patients.

We’ve been performing kidney transplants since the early 1960s, and our program was reinvigorated in the late 1980s by Laurence Chan, MD, PhD and Igal Kam, MD. Our program is based at University of Colorado Hospital in metro Denver, where we devote an entire floor to transplant patients.

It’s reassuring to know that:

  • Our three-year survival rate is nearly 96 percent.
  • You’ll receive medical care from a team of experts specifically trained to address the special needs of transplant patients.
  • We’re continually conducting research to minimize rejection and improve outcomes.
  • We’ve made significant technological advancements that have greatly increased the chances for kidney transplant patients to live normal lives.

Types of Kidney Transplants

Cadaver transplant

A cadaver transplant uses the kidney of a person who is brain-dead.

Living donor transplant

As the name suggests, a living donor transplant comes from a live person, usually a relative or close friend who donates a kidney to the person in need of the transplant.

More than 40 percent of all kidney transplant recipients at UCHealth receive their organ from a living donor, eliminating the waiting period for a new kidney, reducing the risk of rejection, and improving overall outcomes. Learn more about living kidney donation.



Transplant: Getting a Second Opinion

A transplant is major surgery. It’s important to feel comfortable with both your doctors and the staff, as you will spend much time with them. University of Colorado Health is happy to offer a second opinion. Ask your doctor to refer you for an appointment.

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