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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation helps you get your heart back in shape after a significant heart event or heart surgery, or if you live with stable angina, peripheral artery disease, or congestive heart failure.

Nationally certified cardiac rehab

Across the University of Colorado Health system, our cardiac rehabilitation programs include exercise to strengthen your heart muscle, education to help you maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle, and support for making behavioral changes to stop smoking or improve your diet.

 When you choose UCHealth for cardiac rehab, you have access to comprehensive programs certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR), nationally recognized leaders in the rehabilitation field.

How you benefit

As a participant in cardiac rehab through UCHealth, you benefit from improved overall health and quality of life, less pain, and less need for medication.

At the same time, you’re lowering your risk for future heart problems, reducing your stress, and learning to become more self-sufficient.

Our rehabilitation professionals create a cardiac rehab program specific to you and your needs by combining appropriate exercise with extensive education to help you get back to the life you love.

Comprehensive multi-phase cardiac rehab programs

Cardiac rehab programs at University of Colorado Health help you learn to maintain a healthy heart and return to the work, activities, family, and life you enjoy.

UCHealth full-service cardiac rehab gives you access to:

  • Medically supervised exercise plans
  • Personalized nutrition and diet counseling
  • Medication management
  • Fluid management
  • Heart rhythm monitoring
  • Classes on strength training, conditioning, stress management, yoga, managing your health, exercising safely, and more
  • Support groups

Learn more about The Attack Pack, a group of enthusiastic cardiac rehab program graduates, and explore additional UCHealth services to support your heart.

Contact us

Find the UCHealth Cardiac Rehabilitation Program that best fits your needs:

  • Denver metro – 720-848-5300
  • Fort Collins – 970-297-6550
  • Loveland – 970-624-1710
  • Colorado Springs – 719-365-5747

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