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School and Classroom Resources

Healthy Kids Club has developed three popular classroom resources that support integrating movement, activity and brain breaks into the school day.It has also worked with CanDo to create a healthy celebrations guide for teachers and parents.

Classroom resources (order form)

  • "Be Your Healthy Best" poster series
  • "Minds in Motion" Fit Sticks
  • "Kids on the Move" Activity Decks and CD
  • "Minds in Motion Math and Literacy Activities
  • Integrating Health and Literacy Lists

School Wellness Resource Kit


Healthy Celebrations Guide

Health Education

Healthy Kids Club offers standards-based health education for elementary age children. "Healthy Kids, Healthy Start!" is an eight lesson kindergarten program currently offered in many area elementary schools. Contact us for more information.

Contact Healthy Kids Club or 970-495-7511

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