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TomoTherapy® is a form of external beam radiation used to treat a variety of cancers. Through University of Colorado Health, you have access to the Rocky Mountain region’s TomoTherapy® Cancer Treatment Facility and the advanced TomoTherapy® Hi-Art® system, one of fewer than 150 in the world.

Advanced technology for precise radiation delivery

As a new way to deliver radiation treatment for cancer, TomoTherapy offers a very sophisticated form of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) that combines treatment planning, CT scans for image-guided patient positioning, and radiation treatment into one integrated system.

By directing high doses of radiation to exact locations in shorter periods of time, TomoTherapy helps minimize effects on surrounding healthy tissue and reduces the length of your treatment cycle.

Adaptive technology adjusts to your progress

During your first short pass through the system each day of treatment, your doctors get new 3-D image scans that help identify the precise size, shape, and location of tumors.

Because your body and your tumors constantly change during the period of your radiation therapy, your doctors adapt and make adjustments just before you receive targeted treatment in the second pass through the TomoTherapy system. They customize the size, shape, and intensity of the radiation beam to match changes in your body and changes in the tumors every day. That reduces the exposure of healthy tissue to radiation.

More ways you benefit

The adaptive technology of the TomoTherapy Hi-Art system works like a CT scanner—by continually rotating around you. In this way, detailed images are captured and the highly focused, intense beam of radiation targets the cancer area from multiple angles. Other ways you benefit include:

  • Tumors can be viewed in three dimensions (3-D). That means you receive more accurate treatment with TomoTherapy.
  • TomoTherapy is a less invasive treatment. TomoTherapy does not need the surgical implantation of metal markers required by some types of equipment in order to detect the target area.
  • Similar tumors can be treated with shorter times. Treatment time for TomoTherapy is 10 minutes, including patient set-up and image registration and correction.
  • Multiple tumors can be treated at one time. Although other technologies require different treatments for each tumor, TomoTherapy treats the widest range of tumors and cancers.
  • Consistent doses result in fewer side effects. TomoTherapy delivers radiation in the most consistent doses, which translates into fewer treatments and fewer side effects.
  • TomoTherapy can treat tumors of all sizes. Outside of certain ranges, other technologies lose their effectiveness, which increases your side effects and recovery times.
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