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Nurse Navigators: Breast Cancer

All the emotion and decisions surrounding a diagnosis of breast cancer can feel overwhelming. University of Colorado Health provides nurse navigators to help you make your way through an individualized course of treatment and what can feel like a bewildering journey.

Carol Emberley

Erin Shelly, RN – your personal guide and advocate

Erin is our nurse navigator for breast cancer patients at Diane O’Connor Thompson Breast Center at University of Colorado Hospital. You can be confident that she knows her way around UCHealth. Erin serves as your primary contact as you begin working with your breast cancer team.

Erin answers your questions and schedules your first appointment. She personally introduces you to the team of expert physicians and nurses who will develop a specific treatment plan tailored to your particular situation.

Erin's happy to explain unfamiliar terms and concepts and to help you understand and take advantage of the many resources available to you at UCHealth. She’s a friend and advocate who stands with you in your fight against breast cancer.

To speak with Erin, call 720-848-1030.

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