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Neurosciences Outcomes

University of Colorado Hospital is the largest provider of comprehensive neurological and neurosurgical care in the Rocky Mountain region. We’re proud to lead Colorado in the high quality of care we provide to patients with neurologic disorders including epilepsy, movement disorders, neuroimmunology/multiple sclerosis and cancers of the brain and nervous system.

Our inpatient neuroscience services include dedicated general neurology and nationally recognized stroke services, as well as the region's largest deep brain stimulation (DBS) program and Colorado’s only Neuro Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Many of the patients who come to us for neurological treatment are referred here by physicians who recognize our expertise in proven therapies and delivering high-quality care.

Review our superior neurological care outcomes below. You can also view a summary of our 2013 neurosciences outcomes (PDF) or review our complete neurology program booklet.

Stroke Outcomes

All ED & EMS stroke alerts with stroke as the final primary diagnosis (1st quarter 2014)​ UCH median -minutes​ National goal - minutes​
ED arrival to stroke alert being called 7​ 10​
ED arrival to first slice 18​ 25​
ED arrival to CT images interpreted​ 27​ 45​
ED arrival to treatment with IV tPA​ 48​ 60​
ED arrival to intra-arterial access (femoral artery) 104​ 90​


Emergent treatment of ischemic stroke, calendar year 2013​ Percent​
Ischemic stroke patients emergently treated with intravenous thrombolytic agent (ED & inpatient SA)​ 26​
All ischemic stroke patients emergently treated pharmacologically or mechanically to remove the clot (ED, in-patient, transfer-in)​ 33​

Carotid Endarterecomy Cases

Calendar year​ % Deaths (observed)​ % Deaths (expected)​
2013​ 0​ 0.49​

Primary Dx Unruptured Aneurysm with Clipping or Coiling

​Calendar year % Deaths (observed)​ % Deaths (expected)​
2013​ 0​ 0.85​



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