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Fat Oxidation in Obese and Reduced Obese Humans

Trial Focus

Trial Focus

Digestive, Weight & Metabolism


Fat Oxidation Research Study
Looking for healthy male volunteers who have lost weight, to learn more about how we use dietary fat and fat that is stored in our bodies.
Financial compensation provided

IRB Protocol #


Trial Status

Accepting Participants


Elizabeth Kealey at 303-315-9089 or

Eligibility and Other Participant Information

Inclusion criteria
•Healthy men, ages 19-45
•Have lost about 8-10% of your body weight and are currently weight-stable.
What you'll do in the study
•Baseline testing (4.5 hours): review consent form, physical exam, exercise test, metabolic rate measure, blood draw and body fat measure
•Fat oxidation study (5 hours): blood & breath samples, have intravenous line placed, metabolic rate test, & ride stationary bike
TWO 4-day Study Diet Phases
1.Pick up 3-day study diet to eat at home
2.Diet Study Day: spend 23 hours in whole room calorimeter, drink test meal, have intravenous line placed, provide breath, blood & urine samples and exercise. Provide final breath sample 24 hours later.
3.Repeat Study Diet phase one month later
What you'll receive
•Financial compensation
•Lab work and body fat test
•Measure of exercise endurance and calories used on typical day and during exercise