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Mediators of Perceived Exercise Effort in Type 2 Diabetes – Barriers to Physical Activity


Trial Focus

Trial Focus

Diabetes, Exercise, Heart & Circulation


This research study plans to learn more about how different levels of exercise feel to people with Type 2 Diabetes and how it feels to people without Type 2 Diabetes. This study will also look at what causes exercise to feel harder or easier to people with and without Type 2 Diabetes.

IRB Protocol #


Trial Status

Accepting Participants


Dylan Mogk at 303-724-2255 or


University of Colorado HospitalUniversity of Colorado Hospital

Eligibility and Other Participant Information

Study Qualifications –
•Be a man or woman between 50 and 70 years old
•Be generally healthy, with or without type 2 diabetes (not using insulin)
•Be a non-smoker
•Currently exercise no more than once per week
•Your BMI is between 25-35 kg/m2 (check your BMI at